Thursday, January 6, 2011

Law & Order

For eight years, my family lived without broadcast television. Then my mother came to live with us. Suddenly our lives are ruled by what comes on. I try to avoid the television but since it's in our living room and it's on all the time, it's impossible.

I've suffered through, "The Bachelor," "Dancing with the Stars", and "American Idol" to name a few. Then I discovered the DVR and old episodes of Law & Order and I am hooked. I've always loved the old New York show- stories ripped from the headlines.

Growing up, my mother watched every police procedure that came on television. I was weaned on "Mannix", "Columbo", "Hawaii Five-O", and "Barretta" to name a few. I have a weak spot for crime dramas.

Now that I have the DVR, I've been recording every episode and I can't get enough. The great perk about being a writer is that I can justify almost anything as "research". I am working on a mystery, so... roll another episode.

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