Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Time To Say Goodbye

Today I realized, it is time to say goodbye to someone I've been friendly with for the past three years. We met in the supermarket. We both had two year old boys, were fond of cooking from scratch, eating organic and farm fresh foods.

Things seemed great at first. It was great to have my youngest have a friend his age. It was great to be around someone who shared my same interest in health and fitness in an area where most women I've met consider a walk from the parking into the store exhausting. But then cracks began to develop.

She wanted to get together every day because she didn't like being "stuck" (her words) alone with her son. She was bothered by the fact that I had other children and couldn't keep her company 24/7. She was less than enthusiastic when I was accepted back to school and my son was able to come with me. She was frustrated with me for not being more available when my mother became sick and I had to have her transported from a hospital in the city to a rehabilitation center close to my house.

I took all of this as part of her personality and I tried to maintain contact even when my son began referring to her son as "The Evil One." I tried even as she dismissed my success at school; when she made derogatory comments about people who had more than one child (apparently we're not able to give our other children enough attention). I ignored her constant need to interrupt every conversation, her need to flirt with any male within a ten foot radius, and her pettiness.

I was at school every day last semester and school is an hour away so getting together was not an issue. Then she called me during the holiday. She told me how she missed us. She wanted us to set a date to get together with the kids. She told me her mother was visiting and was looking forward to seeing me. I relented and we got together last week. It went smoothly, even my son had to admit her son, "wasn't so bad".

Then she called me today and began interrupting. I started telling her about a great burger place I discovered. She interrupted with, "I don't even know why you're telling me this. This isn't interesting to me."

The camel's back broke.

I realized I couldn't do this anymore. Life is too short; too short to wade through someone else's nonsense.

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