Sunday, January 23, 2011

A New Semester

School starts tomorrow. I finally decided which classes I'm taking, Feature Writing and Entrepreneurial Journalism. I'm dropping Shakespeare II and The Craft of Poetry. Although, I'm waffling on dropping poetry.

A facility and love for poetry has been a pleasant discovery since starting back to school and the class is with one of my favorite professor's. I know I can take the class the next time it is offered and there is nothing stopping me from continuing to work on my poems. So this cushions the disappointment a bit.

My son is excited to get back to school with his friends after more than four weeks. I'm looking forward to two free days to write since I'll only be in classes three days a week. I also have about two hours after dropping him off before my class begins which is a real treasure for me after three semesters of racing from one classroom to the next, eating on the run.

I'm looking forward to developing my writing portfolio and finishing my novel. Wish me luck.

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